Our dedication to hands-on, personal
techniques makes us one of the nation's
top sales and marketing companies.


Our innovative sales and marketing
techniques will set your product
apart from your competitors


Our team is committed to growth,
development and becoming world-
leading entrepreneurs.

RNG & Associates, Inc. Expands Client-Consumer Relationships
Thanks to our experience in car care, home care and beauty and personal care industries and working with a diverse range of clients, we have gained the skills and experience necessary to target and expand any consumer base.
Superior Brand Management is the Key to Our Success
We specialize in working with various brands ranging from car essentials to cosmetics, and as a result we have an incredibly broad scope of knowledge about what our clients and their consumers want.
RNG & Associates, Inc.’s Client Portfolio
Since our foundation in 2012, we have enjoyed a wide range of experiences within various industries and have promoted a diverse range of products and brands, from the cosmetics industry to car essentials.

Welcome to RNG & Associates, Inc.

RNG & Associates, Inc. has two main focuses: direct marketing and innovation. We have worked hard to become one of the nation’s number one promotional firms, and we continue to dedicate our time and energy to creating the best in-store and on-site sales and marketing campaigns for a variety of brands. By focusing on the consumers and their needs, and the development of entrepreneurial brand ambassadors, we are able to expand your consumer base and cultivate a strong, loyal consumer-brand relationship.

Always Striving for Growth

Our dedication to various industries from car essentials to home cleaners to beauty and personal care products means that we are constantly investigating new and exciting channels that we can tap into to help promote your brand. Our staff at RNG & Associates, Inc. consistently research and plan sales and marketing campaigns that make use of event planning, retail events and business-to-business development, and this helps us to grow your consumer base to unprecedented levels. As our clients enjoy growth and success, so do we, and this mutual dependency for success is what keeps us motivated.

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